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  1. Privacy Policy

    Memberon Pte Ltd is committed to protecting your privacy and personal data. As such, our personal data policies comply with the requirements of the Personal…

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  2. Generate Revenue and Lower Cost of your Loyalty Program

    Many of us have had to fight to ensure that enough marketing budget is allocated to our loyalty program. It may sometimes be hard to…

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  3. Point-less Loyalty Programs for Luxury Brands

    Loyalty programs for luxury brands can set themselves apart by identifying customer preferences and experiences that can be used to build unique customer journeys. A…

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  4. Keys to a successful loyalty program

    After making the investment into a loyalty program with the hopes of harnessing the potential of your most loyal customers and collecting data, what are…

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  5. 6 Things You Need To Know About Personalised Marketing

    As marketers, we all realise the importance of relevant communication at the appropriate time to the right audience. The aim is to be able to…

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  6. Beacons – the path to improved in-store digital experience

    E-commerce players have an unfair data advantage. They have first time and repeat visitors’ data, login frequency and purchase abandonment statistics available in abundance. The…

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