Loyalty solutions for Retailers, Shopping Malls, Multi Brands, F&B and Entertainment companies. New marketing concept to implement, redesigning your loyalty program or are you looking to upgrade your platform? We provide a fully-featured solution that scales up to support even the largest companies. Memberson is transforming how Retailers, Shopping Malls, Multi Brands, F&B and Entertainment companies connect with customers through mobile, social, digital commerce and gamification

We support you in your marketing, loyalty and engagement strategy, and take care of all the technical aspects and turn your marketing and loyalty concept into a revenue generating reality. Hence, we know that you will earn money on our solution so we provide you with an ROI guarantee.


Multi-store merchants and retailers face increasing pressure by a new connected digital generation of shoppers. Shoppers today have access to extensive information about online and offline retailers and their products.

Purchase decisions include factors like instant price checks, online reviews, opinions in social media and even recommendations from friends and social groups. In today’s hyper-connected environment, information and communications happen instantly. Shoppers expect retailers to provide seamless experience across touchpoints, respond quickly and provide near real-time promotions and information.

Memberson’s platform enables retailers to respond to these situations. Powerful connectors to events, data feeds and trends allow retailers to design customer journeys, create personalised content and provide real-time messages to create a seamless experience across online and offline.

Shopping Mall

Shopping mall operators are not usually in direct contact with shoppers since interaction occurs between mall merchants and shoppers. Without ability to connect it is difficult for shopping malls to engage with shoppers. Difficult to activate or even to measure how well campaigns and marketing efforts affect shoppers’ purchases.

In the face of growing e-commerce and online shopping, it is even more important for mall operators to be able to connect, communicate and engage with shoppers.

Our clients operate some of the largest shopping malls serving millions of shoppers daily. They use an array of features including point-of-sale independent receipt capturing, campaign management, mall loyalty programs, merchant promotion management, gift-item management, and voucher management.

The shopping malls can give insights to merchants with a dashboard around visitors and their spending pattern. This dashboard provides benchmarks, mall promotions insights and is available on smartphone, tablet and web. An example of insight is that “70% of females who visit the restaurant go to the grocery store first“.

Multi Brands

Multi-brand organizations need to engage with their customers across brands. The challenge is how to connect several brands that use different systems into one centralized platform at low cost. The technology challenges can be complex and expensive, limiting what multi-brands can do to drive sales.

Our solution offers flexibility around engagement, promotions and campaigns, either for individual brands, multi-brand or even global engagement. View cross-brand customer journey and spending, and ensure a unified shopper experience and engagement across brands. However you still can retain flexibility for brand specific customer journeys and experiences. A customer use one identification across brands, but can have multiple memberships.

Our solution enables integration of multiple legacy systems with multi-brand architecture that leverages the same workflows, code, processes and data. It enables one version of the customer database, mobile app and web site.

Food & Beverage

The consumer is spoilt for choice when selecting what and where to eat. New exciting concepts, food and restaurants are opening at an increasing pace. At the same time research have proven that we are creatures of habit and we want to continue enjoying what we like.

To ensure you thrive in this competitive environment it is critical that you create an ongoing relationship with your customers. That you know who they are, what they like and where they like to go.

Memberson’s solution allows our clients to know in detail their customers’ preferences, interest and spending history and can based on this tailor promotions, offers and experiences. Loyalty concepts that suites the customer’s food preferences and style is designed through our customer journeys and automated engagements. We support all type of F&B concepts including fine dining, casual and fast food, seated and over counter.

Our mobile solution with virtual cards, wallets, promotions and automated engagements rules enables our clients to increase reservations, customers and revenue.


There have been an explosion in digital content and ways that today’s demanding customers are being entertained. The entertainment industry is adopting and increasingly providing digital content and interaction while often retaining a physical presence.

Our clients are taking advantage of our omni-channel capabilities to connect with their customers across all online and physical channels. Customer journey’s are designed for seamless experience across online and offline engagement and entertainment.

Customer acquisition strategies is designed through our network of partners in the retail sector, and we can offer coalition concepts with your tenants and partners.

Through our solution for smart phones, with wallets, reviews and targeted content our clients are now developing loyalty and engagements concepts that embraces mobile and digital media.

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