Manages and automates all type of loyalty and membership concepts, with points, vouchers, rebates and membership cards (physical and virtual). From simple memberships program to advanced complex multidimensional loyalty concepts comprising multiple tiers, brands and channels. An actionable 360-degree view of individual customers with spending, communication, inquiry and interactions.

Case management workflows, dashboards and customer insights across all channels and locations that empowers your customer service and sales associates to deliver and delight your customers. Includes customer feedback and satisfaction management via survey’s and NPS.

Our  Loyalty Series applications are feature-rich modules for our software platform (Loyalty CRM and Reaktor)


Customer acquisition strategy and module with workflows to acquire new customers and members through multiple channels and measure the effectiveness of each channel


Connect with your customers across touchpoints. Make every connected device and application smarter about your shoppers – POS, sensors, social feed, mobile, website, ERP, beacons


Marketing cloud enables engagement the way customers want, in every part of the customer journey and life-cycle. Automated, real-time and campaigns, through email, sms, push & whatsapp


Understand your customers and gain insights into your customers thinking and behaviours. You can monitor and measure everything to ensure each activity have the right returns


Use smart phones to connect and engage. Our solution covers apps, wallets, stored value cards, e-vouchers, instant real-time messages based on location, store locators and more


Create social experience through social sign-up, social profile, social login and social listening. Ensure that you connect and engage with customers over social media


Use data-driven motivational techniques by engaging the users with goals to accomplish, award badges, competitions, lucky draws and give them status by levelling up

Digital Commerce Connect

Standardized Integration package with the best providers and partners to deliver personalized experience across web, mobile and social and ensure a smooth, personalized shopping experience online


Real-time engine that makes sense of IoT, cloud and smart devices. Designed to consume terabytes of data and coordinate billions of connected events in real time.

– It is easy to manage all rules, events and behaviours. It can be adjusted anytime in production, on the fly.

– Automates everything, individual messages, workflow, tier movements, SKU level data processing, campaigns, media interactions, social transactions and more.

– Scale to handle even the largest installations with thousands of transactions per second. It can be hosted on enterprise data centers, or in the Cloud on our secure servers, you decide.

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